Time Savings Tips for Momprenuers – Episode #1

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Being a mom is hard work.

It is especially hard when building or owning a business. In this week’s episode, we are giving away five essential time saving tips for momprenuers. If you are low on time and stressed to the max, it is time to take control of your time and your life.

5 Simple Time Saving Tips for Momprenuers

Online Grocery Ordering

Online grocery ordering is easily done from your phone and more major grocery realtors offer this service free of charge.

Batch Tasks

Most tasks from business to mom life can be batched. For example, laundry, stick to doing it one day a week. Or blog posting, type out all your blog posts for one week on a single day.


If you can afford it, outsource it. Most mundane tasks from cleaning to editing blog posts can be outsourced for major time saving.

Plan for Everything & Automate 

Get a planner and schedule in your time. Schedule in time to automate systems such as blog posting and social media posting.

Say “NO” 

Take back your time by saving ‘no’ to projects that do not serve you or sap your energy.

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