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vipkid get hired

Hey, thanks for stopping by! If you are here, you are probably curious about the hiring process for VIPKID. You are probably wondering, how do I get hired? What is it like? How hard is it? How do I prepare? How quickly can I get hired and start working? And you are in the right place, we are going to answer all your questions here and get you hired this week!

First of all, VIPKID is a great way to earn supplemental income by teaching English online to children in China. Seriously, it is really cool! I just started with VIPKID and I am seriously loving this job, it is so rewarding! Secondly, it isn’t hard to get hired by VIPKID. Lastly, you can get hired and start working within a week!

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What are the requirements?

  • Stable internet connection
  • Computer
  • Headset
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 1 year experience working with children (can even be your own children)

What is it like teaching English online?

It is a lot of fun! I enjoy getting to choose my own schedule but I especially enjoy working with the children. Teaching and making a difference in their lives is very rewarding!

How do I apply?

Simple, fill out an application! Just click here! If you apply using my link or referral code (MORGA0241), feel free to send me an email or message with any of your questions! I’d love to help you get hired.

vipkid get hired

How quickly can I get hired and start working?

My personal experience is that I was interviewed and hired within a week. I attended an in-person VIPKID Fast Pass event. You can see if there are any events near you by clicking here. At the Fast Pass event, coaches instruct and help you prepared for the mock class interview. Working with real, live people really made a difference in my preparations.

At the Fast Pass event, I scheduled my mock class interview for just two days later! I went home and practiced diligently. After interviewing and performing for a mock class mentor, I received an email that I was hired the same day!

Following my official “Your Hired” email, I had to submit my background check and take a simple course for a TESOL certification (provide FREE through VIPKID). After this was completed, I was cleared by VIPKID to start working just 3 days later! It really was a very quick and painless process.

How do I prepare for my mock class?

All the mock class materials can be found within your teacher portal (after you apply). I highly suggest going through the slides SEVERAL times and acting as if there is a student there interacting with you. Ensure that you are prepared with props and a secondary reward system. During my mock class, I used stickers as a secondary reward, super simple! Just ensure that you are being friendly, engaged, correcting pronunciation and rewarding the student along the way and you will do great!

Use me as a referral (referral code MORGA0241) and feel free to contact me. for help! I’d be happy to Skype with you or video chat with on Google Hangouts to give you some tips!

vipkid get hired


If you are looking to get started making supplemental income NOW, make sure you apply today! The hiring process doesn’t take long, is not very hard and can easily be completed within a week. VIPKID has been such a rewarding experience for me and I can happily say it has been a blessing in my life!

vipkid how to get hired this week

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