Our Favorite Outschool Classes for Older Kids

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We are collectively experiencing an unprecedented shift in education at this time. Whether you are a public schoolers, hybrid schoolers or homeschoolers; we are seeing a huge change. The sheer amount of change COVID-19 has brought to the education field and industry is felt by all families. We’ve seen changes such as  public school students wearing masks and social distancing to facilitate school, or investing heavily in virtual school. Every kind of student is also missing critical after school clubs and tutoring which is shuttered by stay-at-home orders. No worries, Outschool can help.

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So how do we fill these needs while still staying safe? For my family, I’ve found that Outschool has been a huge life-saver. Outschool offers thousands of classes ranging from coding, hands-on history, to learning how to write with Pokemon. The amount of choice in classes and teachers is astounding.

My family has taken classes on Outschool almost every week for the last year and half. I enjoyed watching my kids learner on Outschool so much, I applied to teach and offer classes on the platform but that is a post for another time. Point being, we’ve experienced a wide variety of classes especially those for older students (late elementary through highschool). Sometimes though it can feel like a gamble putting money on a table for a teacher and teacher style you are unfamiliar with. How do you know this subject or teaching style will jive with your children? To help with this, I’ve complied a list of my top 10 favorite classes we’ve had over the last year.

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Pi Cityscapes: Exploring Pi and Representing Its Numerical Value Through Art

“In this one time course, students will explore the concept of Pi as a mathematical constant, learn how it is used, and create a hands-on art project about its infinite numerical value – a sunset skyline.”

It isn’t often that my middle child really enjoys live classes. Majority of the time when asked about his experience in a live class his response is, “It was fine”. But after taking Destiny’s class combining math and art, he was completely thrilled and spoke highly of her teaching style. As a parent educator, I loved the idea of this class because it is cross curricular (math + art), showing how two subjects can align which is representative of many of our real-world jobs.

Solving the Sensational Quadratic Function

“In this one-time class we will explore solving quadratic equations by factoring, completing the square, and the quadratic formula.”

If you are looking for a knowledgeable, caring and detail-oriented teacher for Algebra, Teacher Eric Johnson is the person. Last year, my 8th grader was finishing up Algebra in which we were getting into some pretty challenging concepts. Teacher Johnson was easily able to explain tough concepts in a way that made my daughter feel confident moving forward. I can’t recommend this teacher enough!

You Decide: Is It A Violation of Free Press?

“Students will learn about the Free Press clause of the First Amendment and then apply their knowledge to a case.”

My oldest took this class as a supplement to our US History study last year and really found the class and teacher to be engaging. It was a great way to intersect her knowledge of the First Amendment with her own opinion in a critical thinking exercise. This teacher offers many other debate type classes involving other amendments.

Sleepy Hollow, A Special Dungeons and Dragons Adventure

“A Dungeons & Dragons learning adventure set in the literary world of Sleepy Hollow.”

Dungeons & Dragons is gaining popularity again, believe it or not! Kids love playing this action packed, role playing game with friends. When my daughter first started playing, we enrolled her in this class before she found a local group to play with. The teacher, Megan Hardy, is wildly popular on the platform and well known in the table-top gaming world.

Introduction to Graphic Design

“Walk through the design process by problem solving fundamental design concepts.”

Of all the Outschool classes we have taken, this was probably one of the most intensive but it was also one that really positively challenged my daughter creatively. Students had weekly assignments surrounding various design concepts. The teacher, Karmen, is a fellow homeschool mom with a laid back attitude. For the price, this school is packed full of information with a highly knowledgeable teacher. Fair warning though, this course is quickly paced!

Storytelling Out Loud

“In this short, one time class learners will have fun creating and storytelling in round robin style with visual story prompts.”

Last but not least, one of my own classes. I am including it on this list because it is one of my favorite to teach and great for reluctant speakers or even writers. While there is no writing in this class, it helps students see the value in storytelling and communicating our thoughts. This is a cooperative class which encourage teamwork and building listening skills.

With there being so many classes available Outschool, it can be incredibly hard to make a choice on what to take next or even for the first time. There are classes for every single age from preschool to high school. The sheer variety of classes can also be mind boggling. Some classes I’ve found but haven’t tried yet include learning magic tricks, introduction to Japanese and coding for Minecraft. No matter what your child is into they are bound to find something on Outschool.

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