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thredup review

Wondering if the thredUp Goody Box is for you? Been wanting to try it but not totally sure? No worries, mama reviews thredUP goodby box is the just what you are looking for! Let me tell you all about my experience and what I really thought of the thredUP goody box.

Just so we get it out there – I am not affiliated in anyway with thredUP. I am simply a mama, on budget, who as is gracing her third decade on this planet wants to up her style a bit. I wouldn’t say that I have very much ‘style’, I would say I have a very basic style. My go to outfit is tight fitting jeans, flowy shirts or sweaters with either sandals or boots. I might have moments of being stylish on special occasion but it isn’t my usual thing.

I decided to give the thredUP Goody Box a chance because I really liked the idea of getting a surprise in the mail! I had no idea what I would get and trying on all the clothes could be a lot of fun. With that being said, I have also NEVER ordered from thredUP prior to this so it was a way to get a feel for the quality of clothing before placing more personalized orders in the future.

My First Thoughts

Unfortunately, the box showed up in the mail a little worse for wear which was a bit disappointing. However, I DID open the box before taking the pictures but the giant gap in the side of the box was there prior to pictures – it arrived to my door that way. I’d highly suggest more tape for this boxes which are loaded full of clothes. 

Opening Up The Box

Opening up the box was far more delightful then when it arrived on my front steps! A big positive! The packaging inside was brightly colored, the clothes were nicely wrapped and the included informational inserts with pricing were very professional. thredUP even includes a return mailing sticker to put right onto the box to easily mail it back! Super hassle free!

The Clothes

thredUP does a great job at providing a lot of variety but I must warn you, these boxes are not meant to be highly personalized! In the insert provided in the packaging, thredUp even states that these boxes are more about discovery then a personal styling service. So be prepared to get some things would probably wouldn’t have normally picked for yourself!

So what did they include?

3 blouses

3 pairs of jeans

3 different dresses

1 skirt 

Three pairs of jeans
Three different blouses

Did I Get Anything I Didn’t Love? 

Most definitely! Check out this weird pink shirt below. Definitely not my style and makes me think of a school teacher for some reason.


Did I Purchase Anything?

Yes, I did! I will be honest, I only purchased one thing from the entire box. Sorry for the crappy quality image but I had already worn it before writing up this post! The dress is an Old Navy dress that was in perfect condition and I dressed it up with some black tights and black wedge booties for work. The amazing part was I got more than a handful of comments from co-workers who said they really liked my outfit! 

Now, even though I only purchased one thing, I really would have liked to purchased three items out of the box. I was held back honestly by the pricing! One of the blouses I wanted was originally $179 and on resale was $28.99. That isn’t too bad at BUT after looking at the thredUP website, I really wasn’t expecting them to send me so many designer items in a single box. I was expecting most items to be between $12 and $20 which reflects a majority of their stock on the website.

Here is a picture of the price list below.

My Overall Thoughts

I really enjoyed the surprise of the thredUP goody box and being able to try on new clothing and brands I normally wouldn’t have picked up for myself.

With that being said though, I will probably not be ordering another goody box. But I do plan on making more personalized orders on the website every couple of months to update my wardrobe! All the clothing was in great shape. For most of the clothes, if the tags wouldn’t have been missing, some of the items looked brand new off the rack! I think personally I just need to stick to more personalized shopping for not only my taste but for my tight budget. You know, that mom life? 

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