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How to Prepare Your House
for an In-home Portrait Session

Are you interested in having an in-home session but think your home is too messy or not show room worthy? Well, your wrong! 

Have you ever seen images from an in-home session and think they were so *dreamy*? Then as you dream about your own in-home session you are stopped dead in tracks as you looked around your house? All  you see are those toys all over the place, that old beat up couch then your dream dies before it evens starts? 

If this you, you are in the right place! I promise there is hope! And that even you can have a BEAUTIFUL in-home session. I’m going to give you my 3 biggest tips to having your very own in-home session. It isn’t as hard or as daunting as you think! 

1) Light

The most important part of an in-home session is light. As long as you have windows in your home (which I’m sure you do), then you can have an in-home session. An experienced photographer will work with you to determine which rooms in the home get the best light and at which times of day. For example, you may have a BIG bay window in your living room, GREAT! However, you wouldn’t want to shoot an in-home session in the evening if the sun hits that window in the morning. Your photographer will be able to ask these questions so you and your family are most prepared! 

in-home session, southern maryland photography

2) Tidy Up

Once you and your photographer have determined which room you will have your family session in, now it is time to tidy up! The best back drop for any photo-shoot is one that is not distracting. Your home doesn’t need to be show ready – so don’t panic! There are lots of creative ways that images can be composed to shoot around mess or unwanted items, so no need to panic. Just make sure your carpet is freshly vacuumed, your coffee table is wiped off and the toys are put away. That is about it! 

family session, southern maryland
in-home session, southern maryland

3) Your Outfits 

A in-home session isn’t complete without the right outfits! You wouldn’t wear a suit and tie to go the beach right?! Well, you don’t need to be wearing any fancy dresses or shoes for your in-home family shoot. Dress for the occasion in something that is comfortable but classic. Jeans and flowly blouse is perfect! 

Outfits for a family should be coordinating but not overly matchy-matchy. What do I mean by that? It means that not everyone in the family should be wearing a red shirt and blue jeans. Choose a color palette of up to three colors all within the same color family (either warm or cool). For example, white, light blue and greys would be a great cooler color palette for a shoot. 

Using the color palette from above (white, light blue and greys), dad could be wearing blue jeans and grey shirt. Mom could wear blue jeans and white shirt. If you have a daughter, she could be wearing a light blue dress with white accents. Definitely play around the color palette and have fun with your outfit choices. Always reach out to your photographer if you have any questions. 


All the pictures in this blog showcase a family session that was shot ENTIRELY in the a guest bedroom. This particular room received the best light in the home. We simply changed out the original green comforter for a more neutral color (white) and we cleaned off the night stands of anything we didn’t want to be seen! How simple is that?

Now that you know these tips for an in-home session, are you ready to have your own?