As a parent educator and graduate student studying education, I am incredibly eager to help children become passionate learners. As a long life long learner myself, it has been a dream to help others find the joy in learning. Below you will find a list of some of my favorite and most popular classes that I teach on the Outschool platform. 

A Doodle A Day: In this ongoing class, learners will have fun crafting a simple doodle each day while being able to socialize with peers.

Art & Design 101 (Exploration of the Elements of Graphic Design): In this ongoing course, students will explore the elements of art and design (line, shape, space, balance, color and texture) through the completion of weekly artist briefs.

Descriptive Story Writing Workshop Young Writers: In this one time class, students will create a short story and illustration while focusing on their usage of descriptive language.

Storytelling Out Loud: In this short, one time class learners will have fun creating and storytelling in round robin style with visual story prompts.