Best Preschool Classes on Outschool

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We take preschool classes on Outschool? Yup!

Yesterday morning, I was making breakfast and I pondered to my three old about what we should do for the day. In response, he answered, “I want class”. I was really surprised by his answer. We had only taken a few preschool classes on Outschool previously but it had apparently made an impact. 

In the current state of the world with the pandemic induced isolation, it can be tough to find things to do with your preschooler. Prior to COVID, my preschooler was taking weekly tumble classes, we attended read-aloud days at the library, and had a beautiful local coffee shop with a ‘family’ room in which small children ran amount playing with oversized legos. Of course, we also went on family hikes and spent time at the local parks. The problem is, going to the park and going on hikes is the ONLY thing to do.

In response to this, we have found a variety of teachers on Outschool that have really captured my preschooler’s attention. In the following list, you will find classes that we have taken ourselves and have very positive experiences. I hope that you find some that you and your family can also enjoy!

Our Top 5 Preschool Classes on Outschool

Preschool Gymnastics and Movement: Get Your Little Ones Moving!

In this one time class, students will learn fundamentals in gymnastics as well as movement through action songs and dances.

Counting Numbers 1 to 10 in the Ocean With Sea Animals!

In this one time class, learners will practice counting numbers 1-10 and identify different sea creatures in the ocean!

Music and Movement for Preschoolers

Music and movement are the building blocks of any preschool education. Not only do young children love music and movement (dance), but it also plays an important role in their healthy development.

Beyond Circle Time – Littlest Learners

This two day a week class is for the littlest learners almost 3 and 3 to 4 year olds packed with fun activities for young learners that include circle time, pre-writing, phonics, math, all centered around a monthly theme.

Preschool Workshop: Beginning Math ~ Come Count With Me!

In this lesson students will practice their counting skills as they learn that each number represents a quantity.

If you’ve been following the blog, you know by now that we are huge fans of Outschool. It has been a big lifesaver not only for homeschooling but during the pandemic in helping to keep my kids engaged with other children. In this blog post, I talk about our favorite classes for older kids in case you have middle or high schoolers at home. Hopefully you’ve found something fun and valuable for your learner! 

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