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5 Tips to Prepare for Your Boudoir Session

These simple tips will help you get ready and rock your upcoming boudoir session!

Do you have an upcoming boudoir session or thinking about booking a boudoir? Are you feeling a little under prepared? Not even sure where to begin? That is OK and it is completely normal to feel that way. I know I was completely lost before I had my first boudoir session!

Since my first boudoir session, I’ve actually done several more, seriously! They are so much fun and always make me feel so beautiful. I’m gathering up my knowledge from being both in front and behind the camera to give you 5 simple tips to ensure you have a successful boudoir session! 

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1) Pamper Yourself Before Your Session

Taking care of yourself before your session is just as important as getting ready on the day of your photo-shoot. The week prior to your shoot you want to ensure you are drinking enough water and getting enough sleep. These two things alone do wonders for your skin and also reduce bloat. My goal is to make sure you look and FEEL your best. So gets lots of sleep! 

2) Shop for Outfits

I highly encourage all my clients to buy a new outfit for their boudoir session because the lingerie set you bought five years ago probably still doesn’t fit the same today. It is no secret but we all gain, lose or rearrange our weight as time goes by. We have children. We go to the gym. Or we don’t go to the gym. The point is, you really want to make sure that you have an outfit that flatters your body and make you feel sexy! If you feel sexy and confident that will translate into your images. 

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3) Do NOT Fake Tan

Definitely avoid any spray tanning or self-applying any tanner at home. These sort of tans can appear very blotchy if that not applied correctly. If you do want to tan, then hit the tanning bed a few works before your session. But stop going to the tanning bed at least five days prior to your boudoir session. This will prevent any sunburn or redness of the skin which you definitely don’t want in your images! 

4) Wear Loose Fitting Clothing to Your Session

Avoid tight fitting clothing on the way your boudoir session or the entire morning for that matter. The last thing you way is weird sock lines around your ankles or jean button indents on your belly. I highly recommend wearing a loose fitting shirt with stretchy yoga pants.  Normally I wear flip flops, the lightest pair of yoga pants I can find and one of my husband’s button down shirts. 

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5) Embrace Your Body

You are enough. You are beautiful. There is someone out there who believes this about you and you should too. You don’t need to lose weight.  You don’t need to get rid of your stretchmarks or your wrinkles. They don’t see those things in you are flaws but as the total package of what makes you entirely you – and that is a fiercely beautiful thing. 


I totally understand that getting ready for your upcoming boudoir session can be nerve-wrecking! The first boudoir session I ever had I totally sweat through my outfit (and I was wearing deoderant). However, after doing several boudoir sessions myself, I’m much more confident and feel more prepared! Hopefully these tips that I’ve learned over time will help your first boudoir session a successful one.

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