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Which Camera Do I Buy? Budget-Based Recommendations

Buying a camera can be really overwhelming. Buying your first camera can be even more overwhelming. There are so many wonderful brands and cameras out there. You could spend days, if not weeks, reading reviews to pick something out! I know I am huge reader of reviews and making any photography purchase is painfully hard for me. It takes weeks for me to pick out a new lens or backdrop!

So, if you are anything like me, sometimes having a small list of trusted pre-picked and vetted choices can make it easier for you! Below you will find just that. I’ve listed cameras in all different ranges that are sure to be good picks no matter what you buy. Fair warning – I am biased to Sony cameras and some have made it on this list, but I have also provided a list of trusted cameras from other experts and brands!

Under $500

On a super tight budget but want to starting shooting in manual mode and RAW? No problem! It is totally possible, so don’t fret!

Why don’t you pick up a Canon Rebel? The Canon Rebel line has been around forever and has been a fan favorite for beginning and expert photographers alike. This particular bundle comes with two lenses, which is great for the budding photographer and provides enough gear to grow with you as you learn!

Are you more interested in trying out a mirrorless option? Then pick-up a Sony A6000. The Sony A6000 is the perfect entry level into mirrorless shooting and is also an awesome camera to take with you on the go! It is so small and light and will take up minimal space in your purse or luggage.

Under $1000

There are tons of solid camera choices in this budget range. I think it really all depends on your preference for either a full frame or APS-C sized sensor. If you plan on getting more serious with your photography, I suggest a full frame. A full frame sensor makes a huge difference in image clarity and how well a camera performs in low-light situations.

For my full frame suggestion, I am of course going to suggest getting the Sony A7. I’ve shot with the Sony A7 for years and it has been nothing but good to me! I immediately noticed a difference when I switched to the full frame sensor that is on this camera.

If you aren’t interested in a mirrorless camera, no worries. There are plenty of great cameras within this price point. I would suggest getting a Nikon D7200. Even though it is not a full frame sensor camera, it is an amazing camera for the price. It feels substantial in your hands, has a great focusing system and performs well in low-light!

Under $2000

At this budget, you are jumping from amatuer level to professional level. There are so many great cameras at this price point, it is hard to pick just one or two. At this level, it boils down to your brand preference and what you have already invested in your glass (lenses). If you have already invested $1,000 or more in Nikon lenses, why are you going to buy a Sony that doesn’t take those lenses? Make sense?

If you are a Canon diehard – then check out the Canon 6D. This is truly a phenomenal camera. Many of my photographer friends have this camera and rave about it!

If you are a Nikon lover, then maybe the Nikon D750 is for you. It has 24 megapixels, built in WiFi and captures full HD video at 1080p!

And last but not least, what if you are like me and couldn’t imagine using anything other than a Sony? Well, if you want something that comes with a lens, check out the Sony A7ii. But if you just need a camera body, I’d shoot for the Sony A7iii. I just upgraded to this camera and I am blown away! The focusing system is so advanced and sharp! It handles low-light with ease and the upgraded grip makes it really feel secure in my hands.


If you have any questions about your upcoming camera purchase, feel free to reach out to me on Facebook or Instagram! I’d love to help you choose your next camera. And if you found this blog post helpful, tell me about which camera you decided to purchase!

If you are still trying to figure out what to look for in a camera – don’t stress – I’ve already got that covered! Just check out this blog post.

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