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What to Wear to a Portrait Session

Did you just book a portrait session and don’t know what wear? No worries, here are some quick tips so you look great! 

Are you excited about your upcoming portrait session but have no idea what to wear? There is no need to stress! Below you will find just a few simple tips that will ensure you not only look your best but feel confident for your next session.

1) Avoid Logos or Large Graphics

This is a pretty simple rule. Avoid any logos such as branded t-shirts with super heros or your favorite football team. I know you probably love that Redskins jersey, but trust me, if you want your photos to turn out amazing, go with a plain burgendy button instead. 

Patterns are allowed, as long as they aren’t too distracting. Simple patterns with neutral colors work best. Try to avoid anything with really loud (i.e. bright) colors. 

2) Wear What Makes You Feel Good

Do you love wearing dresses? Wear a dress! Do you prefer to wear jeans? Wear jeans! This isn’t a job interview so there is no real dress code. In order to get the best images of you (or your family), I need you to not only look good but feel good. Images are more natural and clients are more confident when they are wearing something they love. 

3) Avoid to Many Accessories

A beautiful statement necklace can really pull together a look! But the key here is not go overboard, as in don’t wear a necklace, bracelet and large earrings – it is distracting! Choose two small items such as stud diamond earnings and a classic small watch. Or choose one large item such as a statement necklace. 


Rachel (44 of 50)

4) Avoid over-coordinating

If you are doing a family session, avoid everyone wearing a blue shirt. It is great to coordinate but definition between individuals in a group is important! I highly suggest first figuring out the general tone of colors that you want. Do you want warmer tones such as rich reds and dark blues? Or do you want cooler colors such as yellows, whites and greys? From there you can decide on a simple color pallete. 


Getting dressed for your photo shoot shouldn’t be hard, it should be a fun and exciting process. Of course if there are any questions, just send me a quick text of your outfit ideas and I will always be happy to provide my input. My goal, as with all my clients, if for them to look and feel their best in real life so that translates to beautiful images they will cherish.