Valentine’s Boudoir Mini-Session Marathon

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At the beginning of February, I am hosting a special –

Valentine’s Boudoir Mini-Session Marathon

And I am very excited to be hosting an event like this because it is a first for me! I love the idea of getting women together to have a fun and relaxing day, all while empowering them and making them feel beautiful. 

Now, you are probably wondering how this works, so let’s just dive right in!  Use these easy peasy links to navigate the page or just feel free to scroll! 

Where do I start?

 I don’t feel ready to be in front of a camera.

How do I sign up?

How do I prepare for my shoot? 

What do I wear?

How do I wear my make-up?

Other things I should know? 

Now what? 




Where do I start? 

The session begins long before you actually show up to shoot. The session begins by choosing a package to match your wants and needs. 

The Quickie includes only the session fee & complimentary champagne and chocolate. This package comes with no digital images and prints. This package are for those who would like to try boudoir photography but aren’t sure if it is for them. Any digital images or prints can be purchased later.  $60

The second package, Sweet Love, includes the session fee, 5 digital images, (1) 5 x 5 collage print of your favorite images & complimentary champagne and chocolate.  $120

Session will be held a local Southern Maryland hotel within St. Mary’s County. Details will be released closer to the session date. 


How do I sign up? 

After selecting your package, get in touch with me! Send me an email at or give me a call! Seriously, space is limited and this is a one only day event!  

At this point we will have to do the non-fun stuff. It sucks, I know. But I will make it as painless as possible. A $25 non-refundable retainer & signed contract are required to hold your space. 

OKAY – now, finally, the fun stuff. Once your space is confirmed and reserved, I will send you a client questionnaire. There isn’t a lot of time to get to know you the day of your session.The questionnaire is a way for me to get to know you, your wants and hopes for your session,  prior to the day of shooting.   


 I don’t feel ready to be in front of a camera.

Let me be honest with you, I think most of us women don’t like to have our picture taken. I certainly feel like a fish out of water in front of the camera and I’m behind one all the time. We all have things that we feel insecure about and let me tell you, its normal. As a photographer, it is my job to capture your natural beauty and help you see it for yourself.  

Before we ever shoot, we will talk about what you love about yourself. On the day of your shoot, if you need help with posing, I will be there to guide you. 


How do I prepare for my shoot? 

Preparing for your shoot starts days before the actual session. Here are some simple tips. 

The week before:

Drink lots of water to keep your skin hydrated and looking luminous.

Get lots of sleep. 

Pick out and try on outfits, narrow it down. 

The day before:

Bathe, shave, moisturize. 

Pack your outfit and accessories. 

Get a good nights sleep.

Avoid alcohol. 

The day of your shoot: 

Take a deep breath, and RELAX. 

Wear clear deodorant. 

Arrive with your hair & make-up done. 

Wear loose fitting clothing to avoid crease lines. 


What do I wear? 

For your boudoir session, you want to wear something that makes you feel sexy. Or badass. Or confident.  

Do not go out and buy something that is over the top and not like “you”. More than likely, you probably already have something at home that suits you great! 

Some ideas:

Over sized button-down shirt 

Thigh high socks 

High heels, stilettos 

Simple black and/or white bra and underwear (this is classic) 

Anything vintage 


How do I wear my make-up? 

If you have never had make-up applied for a photo-shoot or professional images, then I have a few suggestions and tips for you.

You will want to wear your make-up a bit heavier than normal. Light, every day wear make-up doesn’t show up as heavy on camera.  However, this doesn’t mean that you should apply make-up until you resemble a clown. Here is a Buzzfeed (seriously, it covers everything important) article for you visual people! 


Go heavier on the foundation, blush and eyebrows (if you do your eyebrows).

Wear false lashes.


Wear unnatural colors, stick with neutral skin flattering tones. 

If you aren’t a pro with eye-shadow, then don’t over do it. Less is always more! 


Other things I should know? 

Don’t spray tan or use self-tanner prior to your boudoir shoot. Both spray tans and self-tanner can have a weird orange glow and we don’t want you looking like an umpa lumpa.  

If you are going to wax, do it AT LEAST a week in advanced. 

Avoid alcohol the night before so you are looking and feeling your best! 



Now What?

If you are ready to schedule your shoot (and I sure hope you are), you can send me an e-mail or give me a call! We will discuss your package options, I’ll send you the contract,  & invoice you for the $25.00 retainer.  After your retainer is paid & contract signed, you will receive a questionnaire within 48 hours. This will secure your space and we will schedule your session! 

If you still have additional questions or concerns, please e-mail me at 


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