The Power of Possibility

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So many of us feel as if everything in life is concrete. Often times, this is very untrue. We haven’t given power to possibility.

We feel as if we cannot change our circumstances, as if they are non-malleable. We look at our lives in absolutes and leave little or no room for possibly. We close ourselves off to opportunity. We engage in negative self talk. We view our lives through a negative lens. Why do we often say we cannot when we can?

I want to suggest a different approach. I want to suggest that we view our lives through the lens of possibility. In changing our perspective we leave space for hope, for the unknown, but more than anything we create an open and very possible changing future. We are not stuck in this moment. This is just now. What happens next can entirely be up to you.

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I want to introduce to you the power of not yet.

I have not yet found my dream job.

Instead of, I am never going to find my dream job.

I have not yet gotten a promotion.

Instead of, I am not ever going to make anymore more money.

I have not yet found the love of my life.

Instead of, I am never going to find the love of my life.

I have not yet paid off my student loans.

Instead of, I am never going to get these loans paid off.

I have not yet found my tribe.

Instead of, I am going to be alone forever.

I have not yet bought my dream house.

Instead of, I’ll never be in a financial place to buy my own home.

I have not yet moved out of my parents’ house.

Instead of, I’ll be stuck living for my parents’ forever.

I have not yet mastered a certain skill or trade.

Instead, I will never be good at xyz.

When we view our lives in absolute negatives, we squash out all the possibly. We are no longer expanding energy towards accomplishing our dreams. If we consider that the greatest moments of our life have not yet happened instead of that they never will, we are giving ourselves the permission to believe that change is possible. This provides us with the hope and the energy to realize our wildest dreams.

I encourage you to look at the parts of your life in which you feel are absolutely unchanging. I encourage you to re-frame the way you speak to yourself about this moment in life. Talk to yourself with hope, with possibility, talk to yourself with the power of not yet.

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