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3 Simple Tips for Taking Better Images on Your Phone

Start taking better pictures on your phone, NOW! 

If you are new to photography or aren’t sure if you want to take the plunge yet into DSLR photography (cause they can be intimidating and expensive), getting into phone photography is a great alternative! Additionally, cell phones are readily available! I would say most of us are equipped with phones that have pretty decent cameras on them anyway. 

If you are struggling to capture beautiful images on your phone to use for social media, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it is taking pictures of your kids,  your pets or a new outfit, there are just a few things you can do to amp up your phone photography!

1) Light, Light, Light 💡

I talked about this briefly on my Facebook page but when taking pictures whether it be on your phone or with that fancy camera, LIGHT IS KING! If you are taking pictures indoors, do yourself a favor and open the blinds or curtains. Find the biggest window in your home in order to set up a shot. Natural light is not only the most flattering but it is also the easiest to work and manipulate. 

While I understand that not everyone has big windows in their homes, you might have multiple windows in a room. For example, my master bedroom has two smaller windows so when I’m taking pictures in there, I open up both the windows AND turn on the overhead light. 

2) Remove Distractions and Focus on Your Subject

Try to be intentional when you are taking images – this is probably the hardest practice to get into as you explore photography. When you want to take a picture of your children, look around, what is around them? Are there tons of toys everywhere? Or tons of clutter in the background? Do a quick pick up so people focus on your beautiful children instead of any clutter. 

If you are taking a picture of yourself in a new outfit, find a blank wall in your home to use as background. Or even better, move outside and find a cool brick or painted wall to shoot against. These simple backgrounds really help guide the viewer to your subject. 

3) Use a Decent Photo Editing App

I know that your phone comes pre-loaded with some simple editing software but you really want to be able to do MORE with your images. You want them to be special, reflect your style and be unique. In order to accomplish that you will need to download a separate picture editor on your phone. A more robust picture editor will allow you to adjust things like exposure, highlights, shadows and even the color tone of your images.

There are tons of great apps out there that you can use. I would highly suggest downloading them all to try in order to figure out which one is your favorite. I’ve tried several and the ones I can recommend are:

Lightroom Mobile



Personally, I use Lightroom Mobile. But I do understand that it can be clunky for people to learn. However, since I’m familiar with the desktop version of Lightroom it made the most sense for my brain to understand and get the most out of the app. 


If you are just getting into photography, taking images on your phone is the perfect entry point to get started! While it can seem hard to get great images on your phone, it doesn’t have to be! These simple tips can really amp up your photography amp so that you are proud to be sharing your images with your friends and family.

If you want to learn more about phone photography, check out this post – How to Create Your Own Lightroom Mobile Presets.

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