Playing with Delta 3200

Delta 3200 Film Photography

When I got into photography, it was a high-school elective and we were taught on to use and process film. Sometimes I miss being in dark room. Since then film photography has held a special place in my heart. Today, I just wanted to share some photos that I took using a black and white film stock known as Delta 3200. 

Delta 3200 is a film stock by Ilford and is perfect for low-lighting situations thanks to its amazing ISO latitude. For professional wedding photographers that are still shooting film, Delta 3200 is an obvious choice for low light situations like during the reception. 

I’ll be honest, it took me awhile to get through shooting this roll of film. I don’t often shoot film. I sometimes I forget about my film camera even though its in my camera bag with all my other cameras. These images span from about the time my youngest was 3 month until he was about a year old when we visited Disney World. I love these images because the Delta 3200 proved to be a clear winner for low light situations. 

delta 3200
DELTA 3200

For these images I am shooting on a Nikon F100 with a 50 mm. And by far my my favorite film is Delta 3200. I just love how versatile it is for everyday shooting. And rumor says that it is going to stop being produced so I need to stock up while it is still available! 

Do you still shoot with film? What camera are you shooting on? What is your favorite film? Leave a comment below!

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