Our Thanksgiving Menu

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I love the holidays. I especially love planning our Thanksgiving menu.

Maybe I’m weird?

However, I don’t believe that too be completely true. I believe there is a breed of persons that exsist that simple enjoying cooking and baking for others. Feeding friends and family good food, with good quality ingredients is the best way that I know to show them that I care. Why? Because it requires time, effort and love to create amazing food.

Last week I finished picking apart and editing my Thanksgiving menu. There are quite a few classic dishes on this menu but many of them have our family’s spin on them

1) Roasted turkey

2) Cream cheese mashed potatoes

3) Fresh green beans with bacon and mushrooms – we make this dish for each of our big holidays. Around our house, we don’t like the traditional green been casserole so we made our own spin.

4) Gluten free stuffing (or dressing as the hubby calls it)

5) Roasted butternut squash with bacon and onions

6) Foolproof dinner rolls

7) Chocolate almond pie (gluten free) – this has become a holiday dessert staple in our house. Personally, I love nuts of all kinds, especially in desserts but the hubby is allergic to most nuts except almonds.

8) Baked ham and cheese rolls (appetizer)

9) Apple pie (gluten free and my mothers request)

10) Lemon pound cake (gluten free) – I made this recently and plan on doing a post to provide this recipe here on the blog!

11) Crackers & goat cheese spread (appetizer)

When I type it out, it seems like such a large menu. And perhaps it is a large menu but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What are you making for Thanksgiving? What dish are you most looking forward too this year?

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