Now That I’m a Mother

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Ever since I become a mother, the holidays have become my favorite time of year. Before I had my son, Christmas wasn’t all that special. Yes, it was a time of year to spend with family but it never quite touched me so deeply until now.

Now that I’m a mother, it means the world to me to be home with my little people. It brings me such cheer to see their little faces happy when they wake up on Christmas morning. Particularly, I enjoy all the time off from my full-time job to be home with them. The little boy and I will bake cookies and cakes. The little girl and I will work on creative projects; painting, taking pictures and dressing up. 

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Now that I’m a mother, it is truly a beautiful and magical time of year. 

This year is my 6th year being a mother and it was just as bright and cheery as ever. I, of course, had my camera in tow to capture this year’s magic. 

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  • Shannon and I love how you share your memories in pictures and posts. Riley and Dani will love to look back on this blog and the many more you post as they grow older. They are really fortunate to have this! Shannon and I cannot wait ourselves to do something similar when our time comes 😀
    You inspire us!