How to Edit Shine in Photoshop

how to edit shine in photoshop
Video tutorial on how to edit shine in Photoshop

As photographers, we need to have a lot of tricks up our sleeve including being magicians in the post-editing process. A common blunder in portrait photography is facial shine but lucky for you, it is an easy fix. In today’s blog post we will be finding out how to edit shine in Photoshop. Take a look at the video to find out how you can easily edit shine in Photoshop.

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For those that don’t want to watch the video, here is a quick overview of how to edit shine in Photoshop. 

  • You will be working with the Eyedropper Tool (I) and the Brush Tool (B)
  • Select the Eyedropper Tool (I) and select an area of skin just outside of the shine to get an accurate skin tone reading
  • Hit the Brush Tool (B), drop the opacity down to around 30% and paint over the shine. 

Simple as that! 

how to edit shine in photoshop

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