How I Started Composting

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My hubby and I have been working on some lifestyle changes recently. And just last week, we started composting.




How I started composting was not complicated nor expensive. Nor does composting have to complicated or expensive.

I know it can seem mind boggling, searching the interwebs on how to start composting, a lot of the information is very science-y. There are a million different ways you can start composting, all varying in price. But don’t let that intimidate you! All that matters is that you start. 

When starting any new habit in life, you have to consider where you are currently at in your life. Just because your neighbor has some fancy $150 compost system doesn’t mean that is what YOU need. If you’ve never composted before and trying to figure out if it is something you want to actually do, it is always better to start smaller and try it out before dumping a bunch of money into a new habit or hobby!

I purchased everything to start composting for $10. That is right, TEN whole dollars. Well, and tax but still.

compost bin

compost bin

Here are the two little bins I purchased from my local hardware store to start composting. The first one is your standard large tupperware/storage container, this one in particular is an 18 gallon capacity and cost $6. The smaller white and red container was sold as a bait bucket and cost $4. The large container is what will go in the corner of the yard and the smaller one is what we have under the sink for food scraps. 

I then proceeded to drill a multitude of holes in the bottom, top and sides of the large storage container. The bottom holes are for drainage, the top and sides holes are for air circulation. 

compost bin

At the simplest level, compost needs only a few things in order to thrive. It needs carbon (“brown”), nitrogen (“green”), moisture and air. That is it. When you are just starting out in composting, like myself, I think it is important to not sweat the small stuff. Just understand that you should have more “brown” than “green” items in your composter, keep it semi-moist and stir it up at least once a week to give it some fresh air.

So here we go…





Green. compost

Moisture (I read somewhere yeast provided some good bacteria/organisms to get a compost started). 

Then I simply stirred it all together and put the lid on. The following Saturday (this past weekend), I went and added in a fresh bucket of “green” things from my kitchen and topped it off with some more leaves and pine needles from my yard. 

I feel like we are producing a ton less trash since we started composting, which is a great feeling being more eco-friendly! The other exciting part is I’ll be able to use my compost in my garden this summer.

Do you compost? Have you been wanting to compost? Tell me about your experience or thoughts! 

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