Personal Branding & Headshots

Are you a business professional? Are you looking to add a personal touch to your resume with professional image of yourself? Or perhaps your LinkedIn profile picture needs to finally be something other than the selfie you took on your phone? Looking professional online is more important than ever. You might be looking for a job or promotion, updating your professional can help! 

My studio is located directly outside of Patuxent Naval River Air Station. I’m open evenings and weekends, convienent for those who work full time. I have several packages available, one is bound to fit your exact needs. 


 Additionally – I serve a variety of professionals not just business admin or engineers. I love working with bloggers and other creative entrepreneurs to create images for websites and social media. I provide matching stock images for all of my personal branding clients.

MaryMasamo (35 of 98)
MaryMasamo (62 of 98)
MaryMasamo (79 of 98)


A traditional 30 minute headshot with session with 3 to 5 final and retouched images is $150.

I offer group discounting on traditional headshots, please contact me for more details! 

A mini personal branding session in one location with up to two outfits is $250.

A full personal branding session with two locations and coordinating stock photos is $600.

I'm excited to work with you.

Reach out today and we will schedule a phone consultation to discuss your needs. Whether you need classic headshots or a full suite of images for your website or social media, we will work together to personalized your session.