Martin + Lara / Engagement Photos / Point Lookout, MD

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Today I get to share some engagement photos with you that were taken in Point Lookout, MD. It is a state park at the far southern end of St. Mary’s County. It is a historical location, which contained a prison camp during the American Civil War. Now the has an awesome campground, playgrounds and fishing pier. My family goes there to camp often because it is close to home but also far away enough to feel like a vacation. Point Lookout is surrounded by water,being a peninsula so you don’t have to go far to find a beautiful view.

I have been meaning to post this gallery for awhile because it is simply stunning. Marty & Lara were a really fun couple to shoot. They had an amazing sense of humor and very genuine connection. Let’s just say they made my job really easy. I really loved their outfit choices, it was so laid back, not too matchy and perfect for the early spring weather. We had tried to shoot a few days prior to this and it was just simply too cold. We got out to the location and the wind was blowing something brisk, you could tell they were both uncomfortable. I’m glad they were willing to give it another go a few days later because the outcome was just truly something beautiful.

If you want to find out more regarding the history of Point Lookout, MD or the the accommodations and activities they have in the park, I highly suggest checking out this link.

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