Date Protein Balls

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Naturally sweetened and high in protein, you gotta try these date protein balls.

After a weekend of full on indulging, it finally is time to get back into the swing of normalcy. On Sunday, I did my normal garage gym workouts and the usual meal prep. Except I totally cheated on meal prep; I used the leftover turkey and green beans, haha. What can I say? I’m still kinda in lazy holiday mode.

However, one of my goals between now and the next holiday is too ditch as much (if not all) refined sugar as possible. And if you are like me, you love chocolate and all manner of sweets. I totally believe moderation is key in terms of all food consumption, chocolate included. The problem is, I find I crave sweets I feel as if I might be slightly addicted to the stuff!

So in order to combat my afternoon sweet tooth, I made these refined sugar free date protein balls. I will be packing one or two of these everyday this week along with my lunches.

date protein balls

These are so easy to make and just 5 simple ingredients.



Peanut Butter.


Protein Powder.


date protein balls


Start by running the dates through your food processor. Personally, I don’t own a food processor so I used my high powered blender with cup attachment. I *think* this works just as good.




After grinding the dates until they are sticking to themselves in a big lump, dump in the rest of the ingredients. Blend the ingredients until it all starts to come together.


date protein balls


Like this.

Now, roll them into little balls and….ENJOY!


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