Friday Favorites

Even when you do enjoy writing there are other obstacles that keep you from your writing (insert writer’s block). In an attempt to combat both stress, busy-ness (is that a word?) and writer’s block, I have decided to start writing a Friday Favorites post each week. In my Friday Favorites posts, I’ll use it as a

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Healing My Relationship with Body Image and Food

The battle with body image and food is more common than most people know. When I was little, I can remember sneaking into the pantry under the stairs to eat not just one, but two or three oatmeal creme pies. I grew up being fairly ‘chunky’ as some would say. ┬áMy mother cooked dinner almost

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The Power of Possibility

So many of us feel as if everything in life is concrete. Often times, this is very untrue. We haven’t given power to possibility. We feel as if we cannot change our circumstances, as if they are non-malleable. We look at our lives in absolutes and leave little or no room for possibly. We close

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