VIPKID Get Hired This Week

Hey, thanks for stopping by! If you are here, you are probably curious about the hiring process for VIPKID. You are probably wondering, how do I get hired? What is it like? How hard is it? How do I prepare? How quickly can I get hired and start working? And you are in the right

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Playing with Delta 3200

When I got into photography, it was a high-school elective and we were taught on to use and process film. Sometimes I miss being in dark room. Since then film photography has held a special place in my heart. Today, I just wanted to share some photos that I took using a black and white film stock known as Delta 3200. 

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Mama Reviews – thredUP Goody Box

Wondering if the thredUp Goody Box is for you? Been wanting to try it but not totally sure? I totally understand, the unknown can be scary! Let me tell you all about my experience and what I really thought of the thredUP goody box.

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