Who is Morgan Tracy?

self portrait

In the simplest terms? Mom, wife, a creator of things and coffee addict.

Digging a bit deeper? I’m stumbling through life. I play a lot of roles such as mom, wife, business owner and animal lover (we have 2 kitties and a dog). I have huge love for all things creative whether it be photography, writing or baking. If am not creating, I often feel stagnant. Since I was little, I’ve had a pull to create. When I was in middle school I wrote poetry and drew. In highschool, I picked up my first camera and it stuck with me ever since. 

When I’m not creating things, well I’m spending my time with my hair up, cuddled on the couch with husband, kids and animals. When we really want to relax and disconnect, we go camping and retreat into the mountains. There is nothing more freeing in this world than having no cell phone service, seriously! Other than that.  I have a fondness for tattoos, weird art and antiques. I have a crazy sweet tooth and chocolate is always on my menu. 


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