5 Things You Need to Know About Using Lightroom Mobile

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Lightroom Mobile is a powerful photo editing app available for Android and iPhone. Lightroom Mobile has many of the same features as the desktop app. Boost your business or Instagram presence by learning to how to use this feature packed app. With these five tips, you will be well on your way to a move cohesive and consistent look on all your social platforms.

1) Shoot in RAW

It wasn’t until recently that only big and clunky DSLRs could shoot in RAW. However, with the advent of better technology, your new phone camera probably is able to shoot in RAW. In order to shoot in RAW, go directly to your camera settings. 

Below is where I found the setting on my Google Pixel 2 –

raw photo settings phone

2)  Presets Make Editing Easy

For those that don’t understand presets, it is pretty much a filter. But presets are amazing because they are ONE OF A KIND. Basically, make any edits to an image that you want until you love it. Then, save the preset and easily apply to all your future photos. In short, this is how you create a consistent look across your social media.

Need a preset to get you started? You can grab my free preset here.

3) Adjust White Balance and Exposure 

People overall white balance and exposure all the time. Often times, clients will slap a preset over their image and call it day. As a result, their pictures are too orange or too dark. A preset is only starting place for easy editing.

After applying your preset, go in and adjust the white balance. Then, adjust the exposure to make sure you image stands out and is not too dark. 

Here is where you will find those –

white balance lightroom mobile

4) Use the Curve Tool

I feel like the curve tool is never talked about for Lightroom Mobile. It is highly underrated. If your image is overall too dark or too light, the curve tool will adjust the lights or dark throughout the entire image to provide a better starting point for edits.

Here is an example-

curve tool lightroom mobile

5) Enable Lens Profile Correction

Lens Profile Correction is often never talked about either. However, I firmly believe it is a MUST for editing your images. I use lens profile correction with my DSLR and highly recommend it for your the camera on your phone also.

So, what is lens profile correction? Basically, it removes as distortion and vignetting (the dark edges) from your images. No camera lens in perfect (even the expensive ones) and they all have some distortion or vignetting.

Just turn it on, and the work is done – 

lens correction lightroom mobile


If you have the paid app, you get access to selective brushes and the healing tool. The selective brushes allow for more detailed editing of highlights and shadows. The healing tool will fix pimples, wrinkles or coffee stains on your shit. That way you are always photo ready!

using lightroom mobile

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free lightroom preset

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