3 Time Saving Mom Hacks

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The older I become, it seems the days go by faster. And I know, I can’t be the only one, right? As a small business owner and mom to three children of varying ages (2, 9, 13), sometimes there just isn’t enough daylight for my particular liking. Last year, in the throughs of a thriving business year with a small baby on my hip, I was strapped for time and stressed to the max. I knew, had to make some changes. While, I haven’t perfected each of these time saving tips, I do try to implement them as much as possible. Because for the record, I’m human and progress is the goal not perfection.

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Online Grocery Ordering

Stop wasting time at the store! If you are like me, grocery shopping can easily take two hours when you are carrying around your toddler. We also go grocery shopping once a week because we often run out of milk, eggs and vegetables before the week is out. I don’t play around either, we buy four jugs of milk every time we go to the store.

I know, not every area will offer online grocery shopping. We live in a very rural area and didn’t get online grocery ordering until the last year. However, most major retailers such as Walmart and Target are making online grocery ordering standard in most their stores.

Batch Time Consuming Tasks

What even is batching? Batching occurs when you do a mass of work at one time, such as writing several blog posts in one sitting or one week in order to complete all your blogging for the month. This means, you are sitting down less often to do blog writing; meaning less set up time and less time spent on distractions. 

This tip works for SO MANY THINGS. It even works for cleaning. We do all of our mass cleaning one day a week. Of course there are things like the dishes, trash and counter top wiping that occurs more often. But things such as washing the linens and folding the laundry,  this is specifically scheduled for one day a week.

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Learn to say ‘NO’

One of the most valuable lessons I have learned is how to say no to opportunities, friendships and obligations that do not serve me. Often times, I have to reflect on my load and decide if something is truly going to make me happy, bring me job and serve me for the better. There are many times I want to say ‘YES’ to projects or opportunities. However, when I truly think about it, I know it will only bring me is stress in the long run.

There is a lot of power in managing your plate. There will be times in your life that your plate is larger and you will be able to take on more. There will be other times in which your plate is very small. This is OKAY. Of all the times, saying ‘NO’ is the hardest tip for me. It can be enticing to sponsor another event or do another craft show but sometimes, our plates won’t allow it. Accepting these seasons of life is apart of gaining back time and power in your life. 

If you have any time saving tips, I would love to hear from you. How are you saving precious minutes when you are doing ALL THE THINGS?!

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