genuine. real. authentic.

"She is creative, organized, and just plain fun. We had a grand time doing engagement photos with her and she was so efficient at our wedding, yet we never once felt like she was rushing us. Her photos are genuine because she is genuine. Morgan loves weddings, love, and people, and it comes through in her photos."
Sarah Reber

You live for the little moments

You believe in magic, in love as deep as your soul and hidden possibility.  And on your wedding day, you want it all captured without the fuss but with all the fun. Don’t worry, I believe in that too. 

You know that time and people are precious

They grow up too fast. You are trying to savor every sweet smile. You believe in the rejuvenating power of their laughter to recharge your soul.  You want to box up this moment and save it forever. I can help with that.  

i'm in love with the little things

i cherish my morning coffee, its a hug in a cup. dark chocolate is my favorite snack. i was born a hufflepuff. and there is nothing better in the world than cuddling my little ones. if you are also in love with the little things because life is big, messy and passes in an instance, then we should chat.